War of the Mascara Wands

Whether you’re looking to create more length, volume, or density, there is a mascara wand out there for you. Check out the wide variety of mascara wands and the effects they give your lashes with the infographic below:



Now Trending: Color Correcting

Color correcting has been talked about a lot lately, and with so many palettes coming out, it’s hard to know what to use and how to use it!

From my own experience, I was really surprised to hear about this, but it makes total sense that certain colors cancel out others. The first time I tried color correcting was on the dark circles under my eyes. I used a peach concealer before applying my foundation and it worked wonders. I haven’t tried any other correcting, mostly because I don’t know what colors, but I found this really great guide that breaks down the colors and how they conceal different imperfections:


Read more about color correcting basics at Hairspray and High Heels!

Contouring for Your Face Shape

For those still learning how to contour and pros who might need to freshen up for their themselves and their clients, I found this great guide to contouring for your face shape.

I think it’s a really helpful remind for myself since I don’t contour regularly anymore. The darker shapes show where you should place the contouring product, while the lighter shapes show where you can use a light concealer or highlighter.
Contouring Infographic


Spring Clean Your Makeup

I was going through my makeup collection recently and realized I have a lot of old products that I don’t use anymore. This led me to wonder, are they still okay to use? Obviously some things were dried up and some were gunky, but the powders seemed fine. Then I came across this infographic that lists how long makeup lasts and when  you should probably get rid of it. It makes a perfect quick reference for cleaning out your makeup bag this spring! Check it out below:
Makeup Expiration Guide
Makeup Expiration Guide by The Beauty Pin