Weekend in South Florida

This past weekend, I flew down to South Florida to spend some time with my man. I booked this trip when I saw him back in February – we try to see each other every 4-6 weeks, but we decided to skip March due to spring breakers and spring break flight prices.

For this flight, I booked a bare minimum round trip on Spirit – which means I was bringing myself, a personal item, and nothing more. I arrived Thursday night and left Sunday night, so I had a good three days there. Thankfully it’s been extremely warm there and my boyfriend planned our entire weekend which made packing a whole lot easier.


When I book a weekend bare minimum flight, I typically use a large tote/purse with a packing cube and my makeup case, along with a few random items. The last couple times I’ve used my Longchamp Pliage and my smallest packing cube.


I learned about packing cubes after watching one of my favorite fashion vlogger’s (Elle be or Lisa) YouTube videos. Packing cubes have made organization so much easier! I use them all the time now, whether I’m packing my tote or suitcase. It allows you to put outfits together or keep certain items together. I especially love using them when I pack for short trips because they keep my clothes together instead of a shirt floating around my bag with the possibility of popping out if I open it.

I found my set of three packing cubes by Sharper Image at Marshall’s for about $15, but you can easily find them on Amazon.


Since I bought a few new items for this trip, I thought I’d share with you what I brought along for my three days in paradise. I’ve also included links so you can add some of the pieces to your closet.

Friday – Pool day & Miami

Palm leaf bikini | O’Neill bikini | Black bodycon dress | Single strap heel

Saturday – Horse Track


Tank top | Similar pants | Tory Burch Miller sandals | Similar watch

Despite the trip being short, it was a really great time and I’m always thankful to spend time with my boyfriend.

Let me know if you have any packing tips or travel hacks in the comments and let me know if you have questions about my trip or my outfits!



Christmas in July: Fashion Haul

While it is far from July and Christmas, I had my own little shopping extravaganza this summer. I haven’t really shopped for clothes in a while and felt I needed some new pieces for work. A lot of the pieces I picked up are great for a fall wardrobe, but I have been wearing some to work because my office is freezing and I’m always cold. All of these pieces were either on sale at the time of purchase or I had some sort of promo code. Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the things I picked up while I had my mini Christmas in July.


  • Asymmetric Zip Cardigan in Oatmeal: I was in search of a brown cardigan because oddly enough I don’t have one. I realized I don’t really have any brown in my closet except for footwear. I’ve already worn this several times to work. It’s so comfortable and soft. It’s such a flattering cardigan, I’m really glad I picked this up.
  • Ribbed Cutout Tunic Tank in Camel: I have yet to wear this. I was planning on wearing it to work until I tried it on. There are slits on the sides which I think are a little too revealing for work – I don’t want anyone seeing the sides of my stomach. Also, it’s kind of a strange piece – it’s a sleeveless sweater, so I know my arms would be cold, but it’s weird to put a sweater over sweater. I absolutely adore this piece though. I’m definitely determined to wear it by the end of summer.
  • Faux Suede A-Line Skirt in Brown: Another piece I have yet to wear. I got this piece for what I feel was a steal. With the promo code I had, this skirt came out to $11! I couldn’t pass it up. I’m definitely planning on wearing this skirt for date night with my boyfriend.
  • Perforated Leather Slip-On in Black: I’m obsessed with these shoes. I used to have a pair of classic checkered slip-ons back in high school and these are like the adult version! For some reason I didn’t have any casual black shoes in my closet, so I needed these. Slip-ons are so trendy right now and these are comfy classics!
  • Halogen ‘Noble’ Over the Knee Boot in Grey Suede: I haven’t had a chance to wear these yet, but when they arrived in the mail, I tried them on with several different looks. They’re so chic and I can’t wait til the weather gets a little cooler so I can wear them out!

IMG_0085.JPG                         IMG_0086.JPG

These are just a few things I picked up this summer. These items make great transition pieces from summer to fall and I feel like they’re closet staples. Let me know if you have any questions and if you’d like a specific review on any of them!

Review: Vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy 25

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an eye for luxury and a burning desire to own a Louis Vuitton handbag. With the influence of an article found on Pinterest, about luxury pieces every person should own, and a realization that I’m a financially responsible adult with a steady stream of income, I decided it was time that I got my hands on my own little piece of luxury.

Initially, I had planned on purchasing my first Louis Vuitton handbag for my 25th birthday in November and I would spend the months leading up saving and doing research to decide which bag to buy first. That obviously didn’t go as planned when I laid eyes on a vintage monogram Speedy 25.


Why I went pre-owned vintage

When day dreaming about my first Louis Vuitton handbag, I envisioned blinding light leather handles on a monogram piece and the smell of a brand new bag, but when I thought about the patina process and the hit my bank account would take, I started researching pre-owned bags. I was never fond of the idea of pre-owned because most of the bags I would find were very used, with cracked handles and ripped leather tabs, for practically the same price as a brand new bag. There are also a lot of replica bags on the market, so I really didn’t trust any pre-owned listing. So I thought, I’ll keep saving and I’ll keep looking. Then I came across this gorgeous Speedy from a reputable seller that needed a new home.

I ended up going pre-owned because I’m not one to baby my handbags. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take on the responsibility of taking vachetta leather from white to the beautiful honey color of a well-loved handbag. In addition, since I’m still new to owning Louis Vuitton pieces, I wasn’t exactly sure which bag I wanted to own first. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with spending well near $1k on a handbag that I wasn’t going to like or use.

Once I started opening up to the idea of pre-owned, I realized that a handbag that has been well taken care of is a piece of history. The handbag I ended up buying was made in France in 1994, so it’s already a lot more cultured than I am and it’s nearly as old as I am. It’s incredible how well the bag has maintained its’ shape and how long the leather and hardware has lasted. It has truly stood the test of time.

Why I choose the Speedy 25

There are a few different reasons why I went with the Speedy 25 and the first being that I wanted a new everyday handbag. If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll know that I don’t carry around too much and generally like to travel light.

Initially, I wasn’t completely bought into the Speedy for the simple fact that it is a top handle bag. I’ve been carrying shoulder bags and cross body bags for at least six years now, with cross body bags being my favorite because they’re hands free. Before making the plunge, I started carrying my every day Longchamp by hand and in the crook of my elbow to see if it’s something I could get used to. It wasn’t bad, but my Longchamp is definitely too big for that. I ended up choosing the Speedy style and I haven’t looked back. It makes me feel very feminine and put together.  It’s also such a timeless and classic piece that never goes out of style. I mean how could anyone go wrong with a bag that’s been toted around by women for decades and was spotted on the arm of Audrey Hepburn.

I was also debating between the 25 size and the 30 size for the longest time, but when watching reviews on YouTube and looking at photos, I really didn’t like how the bottom of the 30 sags. In addition, from the photos I’ve seen, the 30 size looks more like a small piece of luggage rather than an everyday handbag. With some use, I’ve found the 25 size is perfect for me and the small amount of things I carry on a daily basis. I was actually surprised when I could stuff a light sweater in there when I went out to dinner a couple nights ago!

First impressions

I was lucky enough to find a reputable seller who included the original box, dust bag, and lock and key with the handbag. She was very gracious to answer any and all of my questions about the handbag and sent me photos from every angle, inside and out.

I received the handbag the following week day – I ordered over Fourth of July weekend. When I opened the boxes and removed the bag from the dust bag, I immediately fell in love. There’s something about Louis Vuitton that makes my heart flutter. The patina is gorgeous, the hardware is beautiful, and the canvas is in such great shape. One thing that wasn’t so pleasant was a storage scent. The seller said she hadn’t been using the bag a lot, the reason why she was selling, but I aired it out that night and placed a cotton pad inside lightly sprayed with my own perfume. It hasn’t completely eliminated the scent, but it definitely helped. That is one thing I was wary about vintage pre-owned items.

Overall, I absolutely adore my vintage Speedy 25! I’ve used it every day since I got it. The size and style is so practical for my lifestyle right now and it’s been extremely well taken care of. Although I wasn’t fond of buying pre-owned, I definitely got lucky. I already love the heck out of this bag. It has truly stood the test of time and I know it still has many years of use ahead.

Half Year Favorites

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a few weeks now, but never got around to doing it until now. This first half of the year has really flown by! We’re nearly into the middle of June and I’m finishing up our second quarter at work – it’s pretty wild stuff. I thought this would be the perfect time to sit down and share some of my favorite things – almost like monthly favorites, but half year favorites. I’m pretty much winging this right now, so we’ll see how it goes!


To be honest, I haven’t done much shopping at all – at least I’ve been trying really hard to not shop because I’m working on a savings plan. But there are a few things that my heart gave into that I’ve been loving and getting so much use out of, it’s ridiculous. These items have definitely paid for themselves in use!

One of the first items I bought this year were my favorite pair of jeans. I had been having a lot of trouble finding jeans lately. My body type is pretty average, kind of on the athletic side, but I have a pretty big butt – maybe miniature Kim K. I can be pretty self-conscious about it, but it is what it is. Anyway, jeans were usually too low or too high, too tight in the legs, basically every single problem you could think of, I had. It wasn’t until I went shopping with my boyfriend’s mom that I finally found a pair that were perfect! The jeans are by Lucky Brand and they are “Brooke Straight” in a dark wash. I got them on a great sale for about 50% off. Literally perfect. I wear them as often as I can. They sit perfectly on my waist and have enough give for my butt. Lucky Brand has definitely become my latest jean obsession.


My next best purchase this year was a pair of Franco Sarto ankle boots. I was looking for a great pair of brown boots, but the ones I’d seen in stores were either way too expensive or just not the right style. I found these on clearance at Marshall’s and snatched them on the spot. They took a little while to break in, but I’ve gotten so much use out of them and I know I’ll continue to get use out of them throughout the year. They look incredible with cuffed jeans and dresses. They’re perfect!


Another shoe purchase made me feel like I reverted back to my rebellious teenage years. When the weather started getting nicer, I was in search of a sneaker that I could wear to work. I was tired of wearing boots and flats and really needed something comfortable for all occasions. That’s when I went to my local Vans store and picked up my Washed Authentic Slim in Cream and True White with the brown leather laces. I wear these so, so much. They’re perfect for a casual outfit during the warmer months. I typically wear them with jeans at the office or shorts when I’m running around my town.

Lastly, my most recent purchase, which you can read more about here, is my Louis Vuitton Cles Pouchette. I literally use this every single day. It’s so chic and cute. It holds my driver’s license, cards, some money and it’s attached to my keys. When I’m running out the door, it’s the only thing I need.


Back in March, my very loving and wonderful boyfriend agreed to go with me to the Fall Out Boy concert here in Chicago. I had been debating for nearly two months whether or not to buy tickets, and the day of, I just decided to buy the tickets and we went! I’ve been a huge fan of them forever. I mean they’re Chicago boys and their songs are basically the anthem of my youth. Surprisingly I hadn’t seen them until this year – so that was pretty exciting. It was such a good time!


I’ve talked about Marlowe No. 2 Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion before and I’m going to talk about it again because I love it. This stuff is great. I bought it earlier this year when it was still winter in Chicago because my hands were getting really dry with the weather, but I think my hands are just dry all the time. I tend to wash my hands pretty often – just trying to staying clean – so my palms will get pretty dry and scaly. I’m always hesitant about buying new lotion because I hate strong scents and I can’t stand greasy hands. This lotion is super hydrating, has a really light, kind of sweet smell and it’s not greasy.  I would absolutely recommend checking this out.


Some other purchase I’ve made include two really inexpensive and long lasting nail polishes. I recently purchased Vacation Time by Sinful Colors and it’s a really awesome muted mauve nude that’s perfect for summer. The other polish is Get Down by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear. It’s a really cool magenta. It definitely looks like a berry type color. It’s so pretty!

The last product, which I’ve used before and loved, is the Volumizing Dry Shampoo by Tresemme. This is great for after workouts or after sweating all day in the sun. My hair usually gets pretty flat throughout the day and this is a lifesaver. It gives my hair a lot of body and volume without having to wash and style it again.

Hopefully this post was interesting and helpful in some way. Like I said, I haven’t been buying too many things lately because I’m trying to save for some larger items. These are just some of my favorite things from the first six months of the year. I’ll compile some more favorites throughout the rest of the year to share. If you have any questions about the items, feel free to leave a comment or message me!

4 Reasons to Invest in a Luxury Handbag

Women and handbags are an endless love affair – at least I think so. Some women buy handbags for practical use, while others buy handbags simply because of aesthetics. No matter what the reasoning is, handbags make up a large portion of the fashion industry and make great investment pieces.

Personally, I’ve had a long love affair with handbags. In my youth, I always dreamed about having a huge collection of Louis Vuitton and Chanel handbags. My first “designer” purchase was a Juicy Couture handbag that I saved up for while working at my first job. In high school, Juicy Couture was all the rage – everyone had a velour purse! I then moved on to Coach and Michael Kors as I moved through college. I even worked at a Michael Kors store. I just recently parted with my favorite Michael Kors cross body bag that I used practically every day for six years.

Now that I’m older, I classify designer and luxury bags a little bit differently. Like my cross body, handbags should classic and timeless. They should be neutral in color, making them extremely versatile, and have a classic look.

In my previous post, you already know I’ve finally taken the plunge with Louis Vuitton and I’m already excited about my next purchase. If you’re also looking at purchasing a luxury handbag, here are four reasons why you should go for it already!

1.      Spend less on your clothes.

By spending less on clothes, you can save that money and spend it on a luxury bag. I’m a big fan of mixing up high end and low end pieces – like basics from Forever 21 and higher end accessories like Steve Madden shoes.

2.      A luxury bag dresses up any outfit.

Luxury bags really help dress up any outfit. You could be wearing a really simple outfit to lunch with your girlfriends, let’s say jeans a simple t-shirt, but once you don a designer bag, your outfit is immediately dressed up.

3.      You can pass designer goods down to your kids.

When kept in good condition, you can easily pass down your luxury items to your children and grandchildren. Luxury bags are timeless pieces and with time, they’ll have great stories behind them.

4.      Stop wasting money on fast fashion.

Fast fashion comes and goes. You may think buying a cheap fashionable bag every few months saves money because you’re not spending a lot, but when you think about how quickly it will go out of style or fall apart you might change your mind. You could easily save that money to spend on a bag that will last you a lifetime.

Fashion and handbags are personal choices, but these are some of the reasons why I’m choosing to invest in luxury handbags.