SLG Saturday!

When I go somewhere I rarely ever take a purse (and if I do, it’s my trusty Kate Spade cross body bag, courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend) so small leather goods are super important to me. I love running around and not having to carry my life in a suitcase – I’d much rather carry my life in a small compartment. These are four of my most used small leather goods/wallets/wristlets.


  1. Coach Card Holder/Key Pouch: I bought this little raggedy SLG when I was back in high school. I had saved some money that I was supposed to spend on a homecoming dress, but this called my name instead – such great foreshadowing… I ended up using this all throughout high school and well into college to hold my school I.D.’s, driver’s license, cash, coins, basically anything I could fit. It was just so easy to tote around in my bag during school, take to the gym and anywhere else. I finally retired this piece a couple years ago and now it sits in a dust bag in my closet.
  2. Woven wallet: I have no idea where this wallet came from or what brand it’s from, but I love this wallet as a sturdy clutch for going out on dates. It has credit card slots, an I.D. area, as well as a place for cash and pouch for coins. I believe I got this sometime in high school and I use it off and on.
  3. Michael Kors Wallet/Wristlet: I received this as a gift from my dad on my golden birthday last year. It’s the prettiest little wallet I’ve ever had! Once I laid eyes on it, I loved it. My dad really knows the way to my heart. This wallet is a beautiful blush pink, I believe it’s called “Ballet”, and gold toned hardware. It also has a blush pink interior with credit card slots, an I.D. area, with a place for cash and coins. It can fit my iPhone and it has a wristlet option! I did put this away for now because it started to get dirty.
  4. Louis Vuitton Cles Pouchette: Last, but certainly not least, is my latest obsession, my LV key pouch. I’ve had it for a couple months now and I’ve used it every single day. I keep my driver’s license and credit cards inside, and my keys are attached. This is super practical and so convenient for when I need to quick run to the store. I absolutely love this, and unlike my other love, the MK Wallet, this hasn’t showed any wear yet.

Small leather goods are the love of my life because they’re so light and easy to carry, and so convenient if you’re the type of person who makes frequent runs to the grocery store!

If you’d like a further review on any of these items or a wear and tear on my Louis Vuitton Cles Pouchette, leave a comment below!


Poolside Essentials

Now that winter has finally ended in Chicago, it is scorching hot, which means all Chicagoans are headed to the beach or to the pool in their backyard. I know I sit by the pool every chance I get to unearth my Latin heritage with a tan. While I was packing my Longchamp to sit poolside I thought, ”This could be a really post!” So here it is, my poolside essentials:


Hat or sunglasses (or both!)

A hat and or sunglasses is really essential when being out in the sun. Personally, I prefer hats because you can wear them forwards, backwards, adjust them to cover your whole face, and they protect your hair and scalp. Sunglasses are a really great way to protect your eyes, I’m just not used to it, and so I just don’t use them. Either way, you need something to protect your eyes and face from the harsh rays. My go-to item is my Miami Marlins hat!


Sunscreen is an absolute must! Don’t worry, you will tan even with sunscreen. It’s just good to take care of your skin and protect it from the sun. I use my Olay moisturizer daily – its broad spectrum SPF 15. It’s very light and soaks into the skin immediately.

Headphones or earbuds

I always have one or two pairs of earbuds with me at all times. It’s definitely great when you’re sitting poolside and want to listen to some music or take a phone call.

Reading material

Lately I’ve been taking my iPad to the pool to do some reading for work. I usually have a book when I’m at the pool. My favorite summer read is “White Girl Problems.” It’s absolutely hilarious.

Tanning Oil

Along with sunscreen, I always take tanning oil to the pool. I know it might not be great for your skin because it has such a low SPF, but it smells really great and it’s a great moisturizer for your skin while it’s in the sun. I definitely always get a better, long lasting tan when I use the Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil.

In addition to this list, you should always have a water bottle handy so you don’t get dehydrated. I also always use a lip balm with SPF, as well to avoid super sunburned and chapped lips. That can get really uncomfortable.

What are some of your essentials? What are your favorite beach reads? Let me know!