Weekend in South Florida

This past weekend, I flew down to South Florida to spend some time with my man. I booked this trip when I saw him back in February – we try to see each other every 4-6 weeks, but we decided to skip March due to spring breakers and spring break flight prices.

For this flight, I booked a bare minimum round trip on Spirit – which means I was bringing myself, a personal item, and nothing more. I arrived Thursday night and left Sunday night, so I had a good three days there. Thankfully it’s been extremely warm there and my boyfriend planned our entire weekend which made packing a whole lot easier.


When I book a weekend bare minimum flight, I typically use a large tote/purse with a packing cube and my makeup case, along with a few random items. The last couple times I’ve used my Longchamp Pliage and my smallest packing cube.


I learned about packing cubes after watching one of my favorite fashion vlogger’s (Elle be or Lisa) YouTube videos. Packing cubes have made organization so much easier! I use them all the time now, whether I’m packing my tote or suitcase. It allows you to put outfits together or keep certain items together. I especially love using them when I pack for short trips because they keep my clothes together instead of a shirt floating around my bag with the possibility of popping out if I open it.

I found my set of three packing cubes by Sharper Image at Marshall’s for about $15, but you can easily find them on Amazon.


Since I bought a few new items for this trip, I thought I’d share with you what I brought along for my three days in paradise. I’ve also included links so you can add some of the pieces to your closet.

Friday – Pool day & Miami

Palm leaf bikini | O’Neill bikini | Black bodycon dress | Single strap heel

Saturday – Horse Track


Tank top | Similar pants | Tory Burch Miller sandals | Similar watch

Despite the trip being short, it was a really great time and I’m always thankful to spend time with my boyfriend.

Let me know if you have any packing tips or travel hacks in the comments and let me know if you have questions about my trip or my outfits!



WIMB: Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

I recently pulled the trigger on this bag around Easter this year, so I haven’t had it for very long, but it has easily become one of my favorite handbags. Since this isn’t a review I won’t go too much into it, but it’s my ride or die and I can’t believe I went so long without it in my life.


Moving on to what’s in my bag, not much changes day to day, but here are my current necessities:


Currently I’ve been using my black Michael Kors Jet Set wallet. My boyfriend gifted this to me this past Christmas and I’ve been using it ever since. It makes a great clutch if we go to a nice restaurant or if I have to quickly run into the store to grab a couple things. I used to use my cles as a wallet, and I still do, but this allows me to carry around cash, coins, checks, insurance cards, etc.

I also always keep a catchall type of bag to hold extra and random necessities. This helps keep my bags clean and makes it super easy to switch handbags. Lately I’ve been using this black Ipsy bag. It holds extra headphones, a charger, Advil, tissues, gum, Chap Stick, a compact mirror, oil blotting sheets, Emergen-C, and so much more. Sometimes I carry extra allergy medicine for my boyfriend and even a travel eye glass cleaning kit – you get the gist.


During the week, I never leave home without my agenda. I love Lilly Pulitzer agendas – I’m currently using the medium sized agenda. I use this to schedule my work day and keep track of meetings and appointments. I’ve been using these agendas since college – they’re super sturdy and make staying organized so fun and colorful.

I usually carry some sort of hand cream in my handbag. Lately I’ve been a big fan of the Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails. This lotion has been great for our long Chicago winter. It’s super moisturizing, has a light and pretty scent, and it’s not greasy.

This umbrella is a new addition to my bag. I actually had my old umbrella taken from my doorstep last year and haven’t bought one since, but I came across this one at Marshall’s for half off so I decided why not. We just had snow in Chicago last week, but when those April showers happen, I’ll be ready.

A few items that aren’t pictured, but are an absolute must are a water bottle, my key cles, and my phone. I have multiple sized Blender Bottles that I carry around so I won’t be dehydrated and I can waste a little less when it comes to the environment. I also always have my cles – my keys are attached and the cles usually holds my driver’s license and a few cards so if I’m just running to the gym or to the store, I can just grab this and go. Lastly, I always have my phone, I think everybody does. I’m currently using an iPhone 8 on Sprint’s network.


These are the things I usually carry around at least Monday through Friday for work. Depending on the day, I might have my work laptop or a scarf, but my Neverfull is never full. I’ll probably do a review on my new tote in a few weeks for those of you who might be considering adding it to your collection. Please let me know if you’d like to see a full review on any of these other items and feel free to share any must haves you lug around on a daily basis!

Shop My Closet No More: My Experience with Poshmark & Why I’m Never Going Back

I’m sure at this point, we’ve all heard of Poshmark. If you haven’t, it’s a popular resale website where you can sell your never worn and gently worn clothing, shoes, handbags and other accessories. Poshmark is both a website and an app. The app makes it super easy to list items to sell – all you do is snap a few pictures, write a description and name your price.


(Image sourced from Tech Crunch)

I’ve tried this site twice now – once while I was in college and again this year. While I’ve never bought anything from Poshmark, I’ve made plenty of sales with great feedback. Overall, you could say my experience was pretty great. The last few transactions were what broke the camel’s back and I’m here to share, or complain, however you want to view it, about the issues I’ve experienced and why I’ll never use Poshmark again.

Low ballers

I can understand negotiating for a fair price, but what I can’t understand is low balling every single offer you make. Apparently people are only willing to pay a few bucks for anything. People would offer me $5, OR LESS, on literally every item, whether it was a well taken care of Coach handbag or Steve Madden shoes. I wouldn’t even make any money off of an item if I accepted, but those offers are offensive and ridiculous. I was a very realistic seller, never asking a lot for my items. There did come a point when I would refuse every offer and even block those who had sent me these outrageous $5 offers.

Bad buyers

Most of my buyers were pleasant and left great feedback, but I did experience my fair share of bad buyers. Some of my last couple buyers didn’t take the second to mark their item as received, so I had to wait the three extra days for payment to be processed and released. There were also a few buyers who gave me bad ratings because they didn’t read the description of an item or didn’t like the fit of a blouse or dress.


The Poshmark trolls were also one of the reasons why I left and I’ll never go back. These people ask a million questions about an item and never buy. I once has someone comment a million times on something I had already sold asking me to sell that particular item to them, which is simply not possible.

While I’ve never been asked, I have heard horrible stories about perverted trolls. Men have discovered Poshmark and have created accounts just to ask women to model tight dresses and high heels for their own pleasure.

Overall, I did have a good experience in the beginning. Poshmark was a great way to clean out my closet and make a few extra dollars in the process, but I no longer have the patience to deal with low ballers, bad buyers and trolls. I know this works for some people, but it simply doesn’t work for me anymore.

Have any of you used Poshmark, as a buyer or seller? What was your experience like? Have you experienced any of the same issues? How did you handle them?

Christmas in July: Fashion Haul

While it is far from July and Christmas, I had my own little shopping extravaganza this summer. I haven’t really shopped for clothes in a while and felt I needed some new pieces for work. A lot of the pieces I picked up are great for a fall wardrobe, but I have been wearing some to work because my office is freezing and I’m always cold. All of these pieces were either on sale at the time of purchase or I had some sort of promo code. Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the things I picked up while I had my mini Christmas in July.


  • Asymmetric Zip Cardigan in Oatmeal: I was in search of a brown cardigan because oddly enough I don’t have one. I realized I don’t really have any brown in my closet except for footwear. I’ve already worn this several times to work. It’s so comfortable and soft. It’s such a flattering cardigan, I’m really glad I picked this up.
  • Ribbed Cutout Tunic Tank in Camel: I have yet to wear this. I was planning on wearing it to work until I tried it on. There are slits on the sides which I think are a little too revealing for work – I don’t want anyone seeing the sides of my stomach. Also, it’s kind of a strange piece – it’s a sleeveless sweater, so I know my arms would be cold, but it’s weird to put a sweater over sweater. I absolutely adore this piece though. I’m definitely determined to wear it by the end of summer.
  • Faux Suede A-Line Skirt in Brown: Another piece I have yet to wear. I got this piece for what I feel was a steal. With the promo code I had, this skirt came out to $11! I couldn’t pass it up. I’m definitely planning on wearing this skirt for date night with my boyfriend.
  • Perforated Leather Slip-On in Black: I’m obsessed with these shoes. I used to have a pair of classic checkered slip-ons back in high school and these are like the adult version! For some reason I didn’t have any casual black shoes in my closet, so I needed these. Slip-ons are so trendy right now and these are comfy classics!
  • Halogen ‘Noble’ Over the Knee Boot in Grey Suede: I haven’t had a chance to wear these yet, but when they arrived in the mail, I tried them on with several different looks. They’re so chic and I can’t wait til the weather gets a little cooler so I can wear them out!

IMG_0085.JPG                         IMG_0086.JPG

These are just a few things I picked up this summer. These items make great transition pieces from summer to fall and I feel like they’re closet staples. Let me know if you have any questions and if you’d like a specific review on any of them!

Review: Vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy 25

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an eye for luxury and a burning desire to own a Louis Vuitton handbag. With the influence of an article found on Pinterest, about luxury pieces every person should own, and a realization that I’m a financially responsible adult with a steady stream of income, I decided it was time that I got my hands on my own little piece of luxury.

Initially, I had planned on purchasing my first Louis Vuitton handbag for my 25th birthday in November and I would spend the months leading up saving and doing research to decide which bag to buy first. That obviously didn’t go as planned when I laid eyes on a vintage monogram Speedy 25.


Why I went pre-owned vintage

When day dreaming about my first Louis Vuitton handbag, I envisioned blinding light leather handles on a monogram piece and the smell of a brand new bag, but when I thought about the patina process and the hit my bank account would take, I started researching pre-owned bags. I was never fond of the idea of pre-owned because most of the bags I would find were very used, with cracked handles and ripped leather tabs, for practically the same price as a brand new bag. There are also a lot of replica bags on the market, so I really didn’t trust any pre-owned listing. So I thought, I’ll keep saving and I’ll keep looking. Then I came across this gorgeous Speedy from a reputable seller that needed a new home.

I ended up going pre-owned because I’m not one to baby my handbags. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take on the responsibility of taking vachetta leather from white to the beautiful honey color of a well-loved handbag. In addition, since I’m still new to owning Louis Vuitton pieces, I wasn’t exactly sure which bag I wanted to own first. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with spending well near $1k on a handbag that I wasn’t going to like or use.

Once I started opening up to the idea of pre-owned, I realized that a handbag that has been well taken care of is a piece of history. The handbag I ended up buying was made in France in 1994, so it’s already a lot more cultured than I am and it’s nearly as old as I am. It’s incredible how well the bag has maintained its’ shape and how long the leather and hardware has lasted. It has truly stood the test of time.

Why I choose the Speedy 25

There are a few different reasons why I went with the Speedy 25 and the first being that I wanted a new everyday handbag. If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll know that I don’t carry around too much and generally like to travel light.

Initially, I wasn’t completely bought into the Speedy for the simple fact that it is a top handle bag. I’ve been carrying shoulder bags and cross body bags for at least six years now, with cross body bags being my favorite because they’re hands free. Before making the plunge, I started carrying my every day Longchamp by hand and in the crook of my elbow to see if it’s something I could get used to. It wasn’t bad, but my Longchamp is definitely too big for that. I ended up choosing the Speedy style and I haven’t looked back. It makes me feel very feminine and put together.  It’s also such a timeless and classic piece that never goes out of style. I mean how could anyone go wrong with a bag that’s been toted around by women for decades and was spotted on the arm of Audrey Hepburn.

I was also debating between the 25 size and the 30 size for the longest time, but when watching reviews on YouTube and looking at photos, I really didn’t like how the bottom of the 30 sags. In addition, from the photos I’ve seen, the 30 size looks more like a small piece of luggage rather than an everyday handbag. With some use, I’ve found the 25 size is perfect for me and the small amount of things I carry on a daily basis. I was actually surprised when I could stuff a light sweater in there when I went out to dinner a couple nights ago!

First impressions

I was lucky enough to find a reputable seller who included the original box, dust bag, and lock and key with the handbag. She was very gracious to answer any and all of my questions about the handbag and sent me photos from every angle, inside and out.

I received the handbag the following week day – I ordered over Fourth of July weekend. When I opened the boxes and removed the bag from the dust bag, I immediately fell in love. There’s something about Louis Vuitton that makes my heart flutter. The patina is gorgeous, the hardware is beautiful, and the canvas is in such great shape. One thing that wasn’t so pleasant was a storage scent. The seller said she hadn’t been using the bag a lot, the reason why she was selling, but I aired it out that night and placed a cotton pad inside lightly sprayed with my own perfume. It hasn’t completely eliminated the scent, but it definitely helped. That is one thing I was wary about vintage pre-owned items.

Overall, I absolutely adore my vintage Speedy 25! I’ve used it every day since I got it. The size and style is so practical for my lifestyle right now and it’s been extremely well taken care of. Although I wasn’t fond of buying pre-owned, I definitely got lucky. I already love the heck out of this bag. It has truly stood the test of time and I know it still has many years of use ahead.