Must Try Fall Makeup Trends of 2016

With the start of every season comes a new color palette, new vibes and new makeup trends. Whether you love the no-makeup makeup look or you experiment with any product you can get your hands on, push your limits with glitter and dark colors this fall!


Glitter has made its way out of the craft bin and into our makeup collection in a major way. While neutrals are great and timeless, glitter eyes and lips are having their moment.

Using glitter or metallic eye shadows is a sure fire way to turn heads this fall. This type of look can deliver edgy of Old Hollywood glam vibes.

Although it may not seem very wearable or realistic, glitter lips have hit the mainstream, too! A glitter lip can completely transform your look – just be mindful of the glitter transfer when kissing!

Dark Lips

Deep, dark colored lips is by far one of the most classic fall makeup looks – and definitely one of my favorites! This type of look is typically associated with ’90s grunge, but paired with a classic flawless face, this definitely looks very feminine.


Soft Smoky Eyes

Let’s face it, smoky eyes are great for all seasons. The soft smoky eye is subtle, sexy and easy to create. Simply blend your favorite brown eye shadow into your upper lash line and diffuse the color into your crease.

Fresh Skin

Healthy looking skin with natural highlights is back. This season you’ll see less super matte and overly contoured looks, but will see a lot of creamy, dewy looks.

Of course, there are plenty of other extreme makeup trends out there right now, like charcoal lids and clumpy lashes, but these are some of my favorites that I can actually see myself trying. I may not put glitter on my eyes or lips, but I would definitely use a more metallic or shimmery eye shadow on date night with my boyfriend.

What trends are you excited to try out this fall? What are some of your favorite fall looks?


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