Shop My Closet No More: My Experience with Poshmark & Why I’m Never Going Back

I’m sure at this point, we’ve all heard of Poshmark. If you haven’t, it’s a popular resale website where you can sell your never worn and gently worn clothing, shoes, handbags and other accessories. Poshmark is both a website and an app. The app makes it super easy to list items to sell – all you do is snap a few pictures, write a description and name your price.


(Image sourced from Tech Crunch)

I’ve tried this site twice now – once while I was in college and again this year. While I’ve never bought anything from Poshmark, I’ve made plenty of sales with great feedback. Overall, you could say my experience was pretty great. The last few transactions were what broke the camel’s back and I’m here to share, or complain, however you want to view it, about the issues I’ve experienced and why I’ll never use Poshmark again.

Low ballers

I can understand negotiating for a fair price, but what I can’t understand is low balling every single offer you make. Apparently people are only willing to pay a few bucks for anything. People would offer me $5, OR LESS, on literally every item, whether it was a well taken care of Coach handbag or Steve Madden shoes. I wouldn’t even make any money off of an item if I accepted, but those offers are offensive and ridiculous. I was a very realistic seller, never asking a lot for my items. There did come a point when I would refuse every offer and even block those who had sent me these outrageous $5 offers.

Bad buyers

Most of my buyers were pleasant and left great feedback, but I did experience my fair share of bad buyers. Some of my last couple buyers didn’t take the second to mark their item as received, so I had to wait the three extra days for payment to be processed and released. There were also a few buyers who gave me bad ratings because they didn’t read the description of an item or didn’t like the fit of a blouse or dress.


The Poshmark trolls were also one of the reasons why I left and I’ll never go back. These people ask a million questions about an item and never buy. I once has someone comment a million times on something I had already sold asking me to sell that particular item to them, which is simply not possible.

While I’ve never been asked, I have heard horrible stories about perverted trolls. Men have discovered Poshmark and have created accounts just to ask women to model tight dresses and high heels for their own pleasure.

Overall, I did have a good experience in the beginning. Poshmark was a great way to clean out my closet and make a few extra dollars in the process, but I no longer have the patience to deal with low ballers, bad buyers and trolls. I know this works for some people, but it simply doesn’t work for me anymore.

Have any of you used Poshmark, as a buyer or seller? What was your experience like? Have you experienced any of the same issues? How did you handle them?


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