Life Update

H1JQ44RGIU.jpgHey all! I wanted to give you a quick update since I’ve been MIA for the past month or two…

I’ve been pretty busy at work this summer which has translated into me being absolutely exhausted outside of work. I did get pretty sick in the beginning of August with insane and intense migraines. I had to take a couple days off from work, which led me to making up that production time the following two weeks. I finally went back to my normal hours this past week – such a relief! I know people work much longer hours, but ten hour work days on the computer do not suit me.

In addition to getting lost at work, my brother and his girlfriend are having a baby! They’ve been having a baby, but it’s finally getting close to the due date and I’ve had to help prepare for baby showers and all that fun stuff. So basically every weekend in August was dedicated to baby preparation. Now we just await the little one’s arrival in September.

I was definitely running out of steam from being so busy. I also felt I was lacking inspiration and information to share with you. I’ve had some major writer’s block and was seriously struggling with creativity. Now that I have some time to myself again, I definitely want to keep this blog going steady throughout the rest of the year. I have some really fun ideas to share, so hopefully you’ll stick around!

Thanks for all your understanding and keeping up with me!