Top 5 Nail Colors For Summer

Nail color is one of the easiest and most subtle ways to express yourself. Each color, texture and design shows who you really are, what you like and how you feel. Your nail color is an added accessory to every outfit. Even the red carpet starting showing nail designs with the mani-cam!

I’m the type of person who has to have perfectly polished nails, anything else drives me crazy! Now that it’s summer, I feel like I can play with brighter and bolder colors. I love summer and now my nails can reflect it. I’m here to show you my go-to top five nail colors for summer. These are the colors I grab the most. When I’m at work, they remind me of the beach, with the sun, sand and a drink in my hand!


From left to right: L.A. Colors Color Craze in Hot Blooded, Essie in E-Nuf is E-Nuf, Essie in Tart Deco, Revlon in Siren, Sinful Colors Professional in Vacation Time

  1. L.A. Colors Color Craze in Hot Blooded: I picked up this red hot color at my local dollar store. It’s such a classic red, perfect all year round. It’s super easy to apply and fast drying – all you need is two coats and you’re good to go!
  2. Essie in E-Nuf is E-Nuf: I don’t quite understand the name, but this is such a great bright pink. This color really packs a punch!
  3. Essie in Tart Deco: I absolutely love this color! It reminds me of an orange sorbet. It’s a really pretty peach color that looks phenomenal against tan skin.
  4. Revlon in Siren: I haven’t wore this color too often this year, but I definitely love this bright orange color. I’ve found that Revlon nail polish is pretty thin, so this one usually takes about three thin coats, but it dries very quickly.
  5. Sinful Colors Professional in Vacation Time: I’ve practically been wearing this color every chance I get. It’s a mauve, nude that reminds me of relaxing, sandy beaches. It’s the perfect tone, it’s not too loud, but you definitely notice it. This is definitely one of my favorites.

I realize now that I go more toward peachy, orange colors, other than very classic tones. When it comes to nails, you can really never go wrong!

Have you tried any of these colors? What are some of your favorite summer colors?


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