My Most Loved Lorac Products

Every makeup obsessed person has their kryptonite. For some it’s brands and for others it’s a product category. For me, it’s both. I’m a huge fan of Lorac and I love anything and everything that makes me a sculpted, bronzed beauty. Without further adieu, here are my two most loved Lorac products.


Lorac Pro Contour Palette with Pro Contour Brush ($45 at Ulta)

I used to contour, religiously, every. Single. Day. It’s surprising I didn’t already have a contour palette, but I was finally in the market when I heard about this beauty through the grapevine of beauty bloggers. I made it a point to get it the weekend it was released.

Even though I only contour for special occasions or date nights now, this palette is still one of my most prized possessions and one of my most loved Lorac products. I’ve been debating on breaking it out again for regular non-touring, but we’ll see where summer takes me…

I love the packaging of the Lorac Pro products. They all have a very sleek and classic look. The palette is a soft, matte material – which gets dirty easily, as you’ll see in one of the photos. This palette also came with a contouring technique book and the Pro Contour Brush. The brush really sold me on the kit, which reminds me of the Nars Kabuki Ita Brush – a beauty blogger favorite.

This palette contains two matte highlighters (beige and yellow), one shimmer highlight and three matte contour shades (light, deep and medium). Each powder is extremely smooth and applies so easily. The colors are highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way!17a48729-f097-4b3f-af7d-7ea5bbde9e84.jpg

Lorac TANtalizer Baked Bronzer (Travel Size – $8 at Ulta)

Along with contouring, I’m all about bronzer. I have so many… dark bronzers, light bronzers, shimmery bronzers, matte bronzers and more! I have quite the collection because I used to use bronzer to contour and I was always looking for the right color to cast a faux shadow on my face, but I’d also want another to add that sun-kissed glow. I finally came across the Lorac TANtalizer Baked Bronzer during a trip to Kohl’s and had to have it.

I find that this product is best used as a highlighter and to add that sun-kissed glow above and around your regular contour. It can also be worn alone to brighten up the face and add some healthy color.

The product is super smooth, again, and so easy to apply. I honestly can’t express enough how much I love Lorac products – they feel like butter on your skin, although you’d never actually want butter on your skin…

Out of my collection of Lorac products, these are hands down, my two most loved and most used products.


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