3 Makeup Trends to Try: Summer 2016

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we all feel a little more free spirited and boho chic – at least I do! Whether you want to go all out with glitter or do subtle contouring, there’s a summer makeup trend that’s right for you.

Non-Touring: This is honestly my favorite trend. Rather than having a heavy contour, non-touring is soft and subtle. The face doesn’t look extremely matte or dry, but it still gives the face structure and definition. It’s perfect with lighter foundation and looks a lot more natural.

Non-touring seen on Kendall Jenner

Baking or Sandbagging: Summer often brings sweaty, oily T-zones and melted makeup, but with baking or sandbagging soaks up all the extra grease to leave a matte finish, smooth finish. All you need to do is cake loose powder under the eyes and lips to soak up the oil and brush the rest off!

Glossy Lids: Thanks to Marilyn Monroe, we have this excellent makeup trend – glossy lids were her fave and now they’re all the rage. Simply dab some lip gloss or Vaseline on your lids for that glossy, glowy look.

Out of all the latest and craziest makeup trends out there, these are my favorite and the most practical to try with my lifestyle. What are some of your favorite makeup trends this summer?


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