6 Makeup Brushes You Need To Own

Whether you’re new to makeup and building your brush collection or you’re a veteran with every brush under the sun, it can be difficult to decide which makeup brushes to tote around in your makeup bag. Since makeup brushes are essential to great makeup application, here’s a list of brushes every girl needs to have.


Face brushes

Small Stipple Brush (e.l.f.): The Small Stipple Brush is perfect for applying liquid foundation. The dual layers of bristles make it easy to build coverage from sheer to heavy. Overall, it leaves your foundation looking natural and airbrushed.

Total Face Brush (e.l.f): Every makeup bag needs a big, fluffy face brush! The Total Face Brush is super fluffy and soft. It’s perfect for all over setting powders, all over facial bronzing and full-face touchups.

Small Concealer Brush (e.l.f.): The Small Concealer Brush is a staple for every makeup bag to gently apply concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes. I like to use this brush to clean up and highlight under brows after filling them in. The small bristles allow for precise application.

Eye & Brow Brushes

Eyeliner Brush (e.l.f.): The Eyeliner Brush is very versatile. Use it to apply wet or dry eyeliner formulas close to the lash line or use it to help shade in your brows. I personally use it for the later for a natural looking brow. Either way, it’s an essential for every makeup kit because of its versatility.

Eyebrow Brush (e.l.f.): Use the Eyebrow Brush to groom your brows. Brush the hair up and to the side for a flawless, natural look. You can also use the eyebrow brush to separate and groom eyelashes.

Blending Eye Brush (e.l.f.): A Blending Brush is essential for achieving a soft and natural eye look. The soft bristles are gently on the eye allowing windshield wiper movement and other blending techniques. This type of brush is also great for other tasks like setting powder in small areas.

There you have it! These are 6 makeup brushes essential for any beginner or makeup veteran. I know the brushes I featured are by e.l.f., because that’s what I’ve typically bought based on durability and price. Other brands make similar brushes (similar uses, styles, bristles, etc.) – definitely worth checking out! Also, please note this is not a sponsored post.


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