Mani Monday – Numero uno!

My nails are usually some shade of red, but autumn in Chicago – autumn anywhere – means dark and muted polishes. Hues of gray, purple, black. Mauve, plum, tan. Anything neutral, and toned down.

With the holidays, I decided to go with a more “jolly” color – something a little more festive. Lately, I’ve been sporting one of my favorite colors and polishes: Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Roulette Rush (620).

The application is simple and smooth, takes a few minutes to dry, and is super pigmented. In addition, the color lasts at least a week – which is super important to me. Since I’m constantly typing and doing work on a computer, my nail polish typically doesn’t last too long, but this formula wins.


Lastly, for anyone who’s curious, mani Monday officially began during my last semester of college and last collegiate tennis season. Honestly, I’ve taken a lot of pride in having great looking nails since mid college. I wanted long, strong nails and worked hard to get them. I would typically do my nails every couple weeks, but since mani Monday officially started, I groom them weekly. As vein as it sounds, I hated when my nails were jagged or the color was chipped during a tennis match. So I made it a point to set aside time every week for myself.


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